• Family Reunion in Tuscany

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  • Family Reunion in Tuscany

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    You want to celebrate some special day, be it 50 years of marriage, 75, 80 or other years of age of yourself, your mother, father or any other memorial day or do you want to meet your family scattered all over the world on some neutral ground, you might have come to the right place: Spicchiaiolona! We had the very rewarding experiences of different families coming together from all over the world liking Spicchiaiolona and what we could offer them to make their family gathering a moment of excellence.



    In case you want to explore our hamlet, before you make your choice, you or any person of your trust is invited as our guest for 1-2 days at our house.


    You find details about availability, rooming options and prices, all to be negotiated and adapted to your needs at our Spicchiaiolona vacation portal

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