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    A jewel of Tuscany, not yet crushed by tourism, medieval, serene. History, architecture, museums, art and alabaster are everywhere 


    2015 a roman amphitheater got discovered by chance and the history of Volterra has to be rewritten.

    Wine and Food

    Do you want catering or a private cook in your vacation house, a driving service or a guided wine tasting tour in the wine cellars of Tuscany ?


    We offer suggestions we have carefully selected personally for you

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    Hiking in partially overgrown forests, jogging in the morning or evening sun, biking and mountain biking on secluded paths and trails (top quality bikes can be hired *), horseback riding, playing tennis, climbing (with your own equipment), tennis, trout fishing, golf *, scuba diving * or sailing *.

    Carefully prepared almost everything is possible.


    *Only upon reservation before your holidays start.

    San Gimignano

    Manhattan of the Middle Ages or "the city of towers". In the Middle Ages the patrician families tried to excel by the height of their residential towers, although a luxurious life within these towers was not possible. Of the once 72 family towers in San Gimignano today there are 15 left.


    Spicchiaiolona is a 20 minutes' drive from San Gimignano.


    As a center of medieval European trade and finance, it was one of the richest cities in the 15th and 16th centuries .

    Florence is considered the cradle of the Renaissance. Because of its cultural importance - particularly for the visual arts - it is referred to as the "Italian Athens" since the 19th century.


    Siena has always been in rivalry with Florence , in political , eco-nomic and artistic terms . Florence is a prime example of a Renaissance city, Siena preserved the medieval character of Italian Gothic.


    Landmark is the Campanile, known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa .

    Pisa has remained fairly original and genuine: its winding streets, bars and the typical yellow painted houses let the former glories of the city barely imagine.

    Baratti Populonia

    A bay , where you can enjoy the sea: Shadowy pines, sandy beach and a fish restaurant on the harbor .


    Not far from the beach is a big and interesting archaeological excavation site with Etruscan tombs.