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    Passion, Mindfulness and Action in Congruence

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    • You don' just write. You teach a group of people, who practice "the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner";
    • you mentor a creative writing course, where participants freed from the weight of everyday life and words empowered by phantasy allow experiences, emotions and dreams to be reborn, to recreate the past, live the present alternatively and let futures take their own shape;
    • you gently mentor a meditation group, you help a group to develop mindfulness, you facilitate your fellows to sink in, become real in the now, let go of yesterday's pain and tomorrow's fears;
    • you foster a Woman group and care about: “When will you realize baby you’re worth it, don’t have to do anything to earn it. Baby you’re perfect, you deserve it. When will you see what I see and realize you’re worth it” Cimorelli or “I don’t want fear of failure to stop me doing what I really care about.” Emma Watson
    • you develop a team;
    • you name it
    • Not to forget: wine and food. You are a group of connoisseurs, who wants to see, where the wines you like come from and meet the winegrower. Spicchiaiolona is situated in the middle of the Chianti area, the vineyards of Carmignano, San Gimignano, Bolgheri, Montepulciano and Montalcino. You can choose the wineries which you want to visit, by your own or with our trusted guide, with or without a driving service;


    we will support you to realize your retreat, course or workshop. Artists and creative persons find infinite stimulations in light, the sound of silence and sounds, landscapes, architecture or in sights strengthening their mindfulness and, bringing them back to themselves, enabling them to concentrate on their object. And ... there are some excellent restaurants in the area, you are spoiled for choice.



    Give your scholars this memorable chance! You might have come to the right place: Spicchiaiolona! We had the very rewarding experiences of different retreat coaches and participants liking Spicchiaiolona and what we could offer them to make their retreat a moment of excellence.



    In case you want to explore our hamlet, before you make your choice, you or any person of your trust is invited as our guest for 1-2 days at our house.


    You find details about availability, rooming options and prices, all to be negotiated and adapted to your needs at our Spicchiaiolona vacation portal

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    Spicchiaiolona offers from September to May eight, in June, July and August 12 double rooms, all year a big loft and different protected eating, leisure or practicing areas.


    Catering, a private cook on site, car services or guides at your choice.

    And ...

    "Your wish is my command." Name it! We will do the possible today, we did the impossible yesterday.

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